19 Ways You Can Improve Your Mobile Phone Signal

Improve Mobile Phone Signal

Our dependency on our mobile phones goes without say, we need these devices for your everyday life. however, weak mobile signal often lead to dropped calls and slow data speeds. Luckily, there are effective solutions to such problems that ensure you enjoy improved mobile reception for fast data speeds and clear calls.

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Mobile Repeater UK has listed the most effective ways you can improve the mobile phone signal.

1). Update Your Software

Stop avoiding those messages you get from your carrier informing you to update your software. Part of the updates include essential information that tells your phone which towers to connect to; so you should check device and do the necessary updates if you have not done so. Remember to follow the directions for your make and model of phone, be it iPhone or Android-based.

2). Turn Off Any Services Not In Use

NFC (Near-Field Communication), WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS are some of the things that run on the background that can be the cause of the problems you face with the quality of your cell reception. Disable them. They may be using up your bandwidth cause you to experience slow data speeds or weaken the signal reception.

3). Change Your Voice and Data Settings

With more and more users jumping ship to the 4G LTE network, the outcome of this is an overloaded network. Switching back to the 3G network, though a bit slower, will still see you enjoy quality mobile signal. So, try to disable the 4G LTE network on your phone and see if you note any significant improvements.

4). Turn Airplane Mode On and Off

The aim is to trick your phone to connect to a cellular network that it is not showing and you know is available. Turn on the airplane mode on and then switch it off so that the phone reconnects to the network.

5). Reset Your Network Settings

Leave this as the last resort if all else fails when trying to get your mobile phone to connect the same carrier that others in your location as using.  Do to this, you go to settings and re-select the network operator manually (it mostly works for the Android phones). Go to the setting section – Find Mobile Networks – then pick the Network Operator. The phone will scan all available networks in your location.

6). Move Higher

You should go to the ground floor if you are located in the basement, and see if there is any improvement. Alternatively, consider moving a floor higher or several if you are experience issue with your mobile phone signals.

7). Move Closer To A Window

Mobile coverage is better if you consider moving closer to the windows and avoid areas inside the a building that are blocked by sheet metals, siding bricks, or blocks. You are likely to receive better mobile signal when you are at the windows as opposed to being behind a solid wall.

8). Go Outside

In most cases, the building materials used for the roof and walls tend to block cell signals. At times, all you need to do is to step outside to get a stronger cellular reception from the cell towers in our area.

9). Move To Higher Ground

If the first three things mentioned above an see no notable change, then you should consider moving to higher ground. The signals may be blocked by hills, trees, or mountains since you are at a place that is lower than them; a higher ground may see you enjoy a strong signal.

10). Find The Closest Cell Tower

Try to locate where the closest cell tower is and then face that direction; this comes in handy when building your home to that if face the cell tower. You can find the tower by inputting your UK post code into Open Signal to see the local towers sites on a map.

11). Reorganize Your Space

The signal problems you face may be attribute to certain objects in your home that block the signal. It could be a solid furniture, metal filing cabinets, the fridge, or that decorative waterfall. Re-positioning the items to have them not in the way between you and the cell towers can improve things.

12). Trim The Trees and Clear The Bushes

Water blocks cell signals and it is a common element in plants. Having a dense plant life consisting of trees and bushes can result in poor cell phone service. Thus trimming or removing them can open up things and help improve the signal.

13). Upgrade The Construction Materials

You next home renovations project should account for a change of the existing building materials considering how they affect your cellular reception. Consider using suitable alternatives to energy-efficient construction materials because the latter blocks cell signals.

14). Open Your Window

Replace your windows if they are made from energy efficient or have special coating that makes them energy efficient. If not, open the windows so that they allow cell signals to enter the house.

15). Try A Different Carrier

The answers you seek to your mobile coverage signal problem may be a simple as switching carriers; preferably those with the best coverage in your area. It may not be cheap solution but may what you need for a permanent solution. Also, consider talking with your neighbours to know which carrier is the most efficient in your location.

16). Have Your Phone Checked For Damages

You phone may have a faulty internal antenna if you area has excellent cellular services that everyone is enjoying besides you. Take it to the retailer you bought it from and have it checked for damages or any other issue that may be cause. If all is found to be already, then you are using a dated device and should buy one of the latest models.

17). Calling, Texting and Data Via Wi-Fi

It may not be a way of improving your mobile coverage, but the use of Wi-Fi is a reliable option when you are in a place with a very weak mobile signal and are trying to stay in touch with the outside world. You can use it for data, to text, or to make calls. 

18). Get A Network Extender

You can use a network extender or expander, which are also known as microcells or femtocells, to create a signal in your home that you use to route all calls and data over your broadband internet. You can get this device from your carrier.  It may be the best option if you do not have any mobile reception outside, but it does have its drawbacks, such as call handoff problems. 

19). Use a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

The device is a signal amplifier, also called a mobile repeater, that works by locking onto existing signals outside and boosting it up before distributing it inside your home or office. You do not have to worry about service costs since the device have a one-off fee; you buy them, install and are good to go. You can know more about this solution by reading our mobile phone signal booster guide. Also, use our product chooser to help you know which is the best booster that will meet your needs.

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