3 Options That Can Help Improve Mobile Signal Strength

Improve Mobile Signal Strength 

Not everyone in the United Kingdom enjoys excellent mobile coverage. The city dwellers tend to have it better than those residing in the countryside. However, some rural areas do have some good cell reception than others, but that depends on mobile providers. For some parts of the UK, things are very dismal with little to no coverage. What can you do if you among those with poor cellular coverage at home? Below are a few options worth considering.

But before trying the suggestions given below, you should do a bit of research to substantiate the reasons for such a poor cell reception. The problem could be with your phone; the casing to be exact. Most of the modern cells especially the smartphones have an internal antenna, unlike their traditional counterparts that had externals ones. If the phone has a metal case, this can affect the reception. The same may apply if you are holding the phone wrong. Therefore, removing the cover, holding it right and moving to a higher ground where there are no obstructions can improve the signal strength. But how often will you have to do that?

You also need to consider your location and the nearest cell tower. You can find out the positioning of the towers in your area and the networks that use them by checking out UK Mast Data website.

  1. Use Wi-Fi Instead

 When it comes to wireless connective for communication in the UK, most households have highly reliable broadband that can support “Wi-Fi calling. You can enjoy such connectivity for doing audio or video calls via Skype and all that via the internet as opposed to the cellular network.

Confirm with your provider is they offer Wi-Fi calling. You also need a phone that supports this. Take Skype, for instance; it is a free service that you can use to text and call, so long as it is another Skype user.

Moreover, it is a service that you can enjoy on your phone as well as your computer or laptop. The person you want to call probably has a Skype account. And if both of you do not have the accounts but you have broadband, creating one is quick, easy, and free. If you have a smartphone that supports Skype, then you can install the app and do the registrations through the phone. It is an option worth considering especially if you have weak cell signals but have broadband. Also, you can use Skype to call phone numbers for free thus the other person does not necessarily need to have Skype in the phones.

You can as well consider other alternatives to Skype, such as Viber, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Facebook. If you have any of these apps (FaceTime for Apple devices) can are chatting using them, then you can also use them to make calls over Wi-Fi

The only drawback with the wireless calling Is that the other person you intend to call should also be connected to the Wi-Fi, and they may not be at that very moment you plan to call them. It is for that reason the major UK networks provide Wi-Fi calling.

  •  O2 allows 4G and Wi-Fi calls and without the need for specific apps for owners with select handsets, such as Sony, Samsung, and iPhones.
  •  EE provides customers with certain types of phones can enjoy Wi-Fi calling, but with a paid monthly subscription.
  •  Vodafone also offers similar Wi-Fi calling services as EE.
  •  On the flip side, three avails the Wi-Fi calling via an app allowing people with phones that do not support Wi-Fi calling to make calls and even text when they do not have any cell reception.
  1.    Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

If you discover that the only have cellular service when you are in the upper rooms of your house or when you step out into your yard, then what you need to improve things is to get a signal booster.

You can get the signal boosters, also called femtocells, from different authorised vendors as well as the networks service providers. You can also buy them only. However, you need to be mindful when making your purchase to select the correct mobile phone booster for your needs.

The option of getting it from your mobile provider may fail to avail much. Most mobile service companies will only consider supplying a customer with a repeater if they are loyal (honour their monthly contracts); otherwise, going to them for help may not be of any help. On the other hand you can purchase a mobile phone signal booster from Mobile Repeater UK which is guaranteed to enhance your mobile phone signal.

Before purchasing a mobile phone booster you must check that you at least have one bar of mobile coverage. Mobile Repeater will only work if there’s mobile phone signal to enhance.

  1.    Change Network Operators

If you have terrible cellular service, then why not consider switching to another service provider? It may sound like an extreme option, but its one that should hold the answers to your mobile signal issues. When you make the switch, you can migrate to another network provider and take your current phone number with you if request a PAC from your previous provider. Your new service provider will use that code to transfer your existing phone number.

So, that then means that you need to know if the other available providers have better cell service. To know this, you can use their coverage checkers to substantiate their claims for their coverage. The data you get should tell you if the signal will be excellent both indoors and outdoors.

You can well check out opensignal.com to get independent information on the quality of the cellular services from these mobile network providers. You can as well install apps on our iOS or Android phone that check the coverage quality.

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