Are Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Legal In The UK?

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Legal Mobile Phone Booster UK

Prior to 2018, using a certified mobile phone signal repeater was illegal, but in 2017, the UK Telecoms Regulator, Ofcom, made an important announcement. It said that from early 2018, new regulations relating to mobile phone signal repeater devices were coming into effect. They would allow consumers to use some approved mobile signal booster devices without needing a licence. Mobile Repeater boosters have always been certified.

What Types of Mobile Phone Boosters are Legal in the UK?

The two types of mobile booster you can use are a static mobile repeater designed for indoor use and a low gain in-vehicle phone signal booster.

The first type, a static mobile phone signal booster is designed to improve mobile phone coverage indoors. They improve an existing 3G and 4G signal, so you can make calls, stream online content, send text messages, surf social media, etc. They can only be used indoors in a home or office and are not licenced for use in a moving vehicle or on a boat.

Legal phone booster devices can only amplify the signal from one mobile network at a time. For example, if you have a mobile phone that uses Vodafone, but the signal is weak at home, you can buy a Vodafone signal booster from us to boost indoor coverage.

How does a Mobile Booster Work?

Mobile repeater kits come with an outdoor antenna, which picks up the network’s signal. This is then transmitted to a 3G or 4G signal booster. The mobile booster amplifies and removes interference from the mobile networks signal and transmits it to an indoor antenna. From here, it transmits the signal on to your mobile phone, in the same way a mobile antenna tower outside does.

Low gain in-vehicle repeaters work in much the same way, except they are designed to work in moving vehicles. They solve the problem caused by a loss of signal when you move between one mobile network mast and another. With a low gain in-vehicle mobile signal booster installed, you don’t have to worry about network blackspots when you are on the move, which is handy if you rely on your mobile device to make hands-free calls while you are in a car or van. However, be aware that you can’t use in-vehicle repeaters in boats or caravans.

Buying Signal Boosters Legally

If you want to stay on the right side of the law, it is important that you only buy 3G or 4G signal boosters from licenced sellers like us. You can probably pick up a 4G booster from eBay or similar, but it might not be an approved model. Any 4G repeater that claims to amplify the signal from ALL networks at a time is definitely not legal, so be aware of this.

Always look for the CE mark on any mobile signal booster that you buy. Shop for one that works with your network and make sure you have at least one bar of signal in your home before you buy, or the mobile phone booster won’t work.

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