Can I Get A Signal Booster For EE?

EE Signal Booster

EE Mobile Booster

EE is one of the four main mobile networks in the UK. Some of the smaller mobile networks also use EE, which is known as ‘piggybacking’. These include Asda Mobile, Virgin Mobile, BT Mobile, and Plusnet Mobile, plus a few very small providers. EE is one of the bigger players in the UK, it has a lot of customers. But not all of them are lucky enough to have a strong network signal at home or work.

Most people use 3G and 4G in the UK, although 2G is still around. EE is owned by BT, so it has excellent 4G coverage. Three-quarters of EE customers can access 4G in the UK, and 98% of them can access 3G. But just because your area has coverage, it doesn’t mean the signal extends into your home or business.

EE Network Coverage In The UK

Network coverage maps usually apply to outdoor areas. So, if an EE map says you can access 4G in your area, you are good to go outside, but the signal might not be as strong indoors. A great number of things interfere with network signal. These include thick walls and metal surfaces. EE customers living in older buildings with solid walls often have problems with their network coverage. They might have four or five bars out in the garden, but only one or two bars indoors. If you often have to hang out of the attic window or trudge to the bottom of the garden to make a call, you are not alone.

Using A Mobile Booster

EE Mobile Signal Booster

A mobile signal booster for EE can solve this problem. But what is a mobile phone signal repeater and how does it work?

A mobile phone signal booster improves your existing network signal inside the home, in an office, and even in a car. It takes your network signal, strips out all the interference, and amplifies it. The resultant mobile signal is cleaner and clearer, which should give you four or five bars on your mobile phone compared to one or two.

If your EE network signal is not as good as it could be, it is definitely worth investing in a signal booster for EE. An EE mobile signal booster will improve your network coverage at home or work, so you can stay with EE rather than switching to a different network.

You Need An EE Specific Booster

Look for a 3G or 4G signal booster designed for EE. Licenced 3G and 4G booster kits only work with specific networks, so it is important that you pick the one for EE if you use EE. Be wary of a 3G or 4G signal booster that claims to work with any network, you must check for a dual band signal  booster these are the only signal boosters that will work with multiple networks.

Check your network signal at home or work. If you have at least one bar, an EE mobile booster will work. If you have no signal at all, you need to think about switching to a different network provider.

If you are having trouble selecting the correct signal booster for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!

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