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Solve Your EE Signal Problems

Are you sick of struggling to get a good mobile signal for your mobile phone on EE? If so, you aren’t the only person. There are a lot of people who are struggling to cope with poor reception because the signal isn’t great in the area they live. It can be very frustrating to deal with this if you use a mobile phone regularly; and let’s face it, most of use rely on our phones these days. They go with us to work, we use them at home, and we use them on the road.

An EE signal booster could be the solution to the signal struggles that you are having, and could help you to navigate the issues that are stopping you from really enjoying using your phone.

How Do Mobile Signal Boosters Work?

Mobile signal boosters are a device that is made up of an external antenna, an indoor antenna, coax cables, and an amplifier. They pick up the signal from your mobile provider, and boost them so that you can get a better signal – indoors or out. They’re a good choice for installing at home to help boost your signal.

Should You Use an EE Signal Booster?

EE Mobile Phone Signal Booster UK

If you have a mobile phone on the EE network and you find that you consistently get poor signal in a specific location, then you should consider getting a signal booster. You will know if you have bad signal strength because you’ll have only a couple of bars of reception on your phone. You can also look in the settings section to get an even more detailed idea of how good your signal is.

The signal reading will be given in dBM. It should be a negative number. The closer the number is to zero, the better.  A signal of -65dBM is a good signal. If you can get even one bar of signal from your phone when you are outside your home, then that is enough to allow you to benefit from a signal booster, because the booster will amplify that signal and provide a stronger signal for oyu inside your home (or your office, if you are allowed to install one there).

Installing An EE Signal Booster

The good news is that it is quite easy to install a signal booster. You will need permission to connect the external antenna to the outside of the property, but from there it’s easy. Just connect the antenna to the signal booster inside via coaxial cables, and then you can enjoy the stronger signal inside the property. You should no longer need to wave your phone in the direction of a window vainly hoping that you will be able to send a text message.

How to Choose an EE Signal Booster

All EE signals operate on the 1800MHz range. So, all you need to do is choose an appropriate mobile signal booster that is on this frequency. This will allow you to make phone calls and send text messages without so many issues.

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If you have any questions about signal boosters then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always happy to help and to explain things to you. Just give us a call, or send us an email and we will be happy to work with you. Common questions that we deal with include issues with dropped calls and with poor 3G or 4G connections, as well as questions about the 25db parabolic antenna, high gain Yagi aerial antennas, and ways of boosting signals for areas of 1000sq ft or greater. We can also answer any questions you might have about boosting signals for mobile homes and for vehicles – such as for truckers and taxi drivers who need to make sure that they are getting as good of a signal as possible at all times.

If you would like to know more about the range of signal boosters that we provide, and which ones would work best for your use case, just drop us a message or give us a call and we’d be happy to help.

When you buy the Vodafone signal booster, you also receive the easy installation kit, and seamless 24/7 customer service. Our technicians will show you how to improve your signal without spending money and without wasting time.

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