EE Signal Booster

EE Mobile Phone Signal Booster

EE is one of the largest mobile network providers in the UK, yet it can’t offer users 100% coverage. Not having good mobile network coverage at home is infuriating. Many people use a mobile phone instead of of a landline, so they rely on a mobile signal to make and receive calls. But if you can’t get decent coverage at home, what on earth are you supposed to do?

The days of hanging out of an upstairs window or walking to the end of the garden to make a call are long gone. Ofcom, the industry’s regulator, has given permission for companies to start selling mobile signal booster kits. These were previously banned because it was thought they interfered with local signal transmitters, but research has concluded this doesn’t happen. The new ruling means that anyone who experiences poor signal strength on their EE mobile phone can invest in a mobile phone signal repeater to give it a boost.

EE Coverage

EE claims it covers 99% of the UK, but as EE customers know, there is a big difference between EE’s claims and life in the real world. All kinds of things can interfere with network coverage. Older buildings with thick walls often have issues. Living too far away from a telecoms mast dampens the signal too. And if you live in a rural area, especially a mountainous one, well, you may as well stick to a landline.

Thankfully, all is not lost. A mobile booster can lift one measly bar of signal right up to four or five bars, which is perfect a solution to your mobile phone coverage problems.

Mobile Booster Kits

We sell mobile signal booster kits to EE customers. You can use a mobile signal booster to improve your poor signal quality at home. It sure beats wandering around for an hour staring hopefully at your mobile screen, waiting for more than one bar to appear.

Talk to us about a mobile phone signal booster if your EE device is experiencing issues at home. Our phone booster kits are super easy to install. Once your signal booster is up and running, you can look forward to a much stronger network signal.

Whether you need a 4G booster or a 3G booster, a ee phone signal booster uses an outside receiver antenna to pick up the signal and direct it to a signal booster box. The mobile signal booster amplifies the signal and transmits to an emitter antenna. This works as a home cell tower for your device. It’s just like living next to a mobile phone transmitter.

Installing A Mobile Signal Booster Kit

EE Signal Booster

All of our mobile repeater kits come with full instructions, so you won’t have a problem installing the antenna and EE mobile phone signal booster. The only time we don’t recommend these kits is when you have zero signal at all. If this is the case, you need to switch to a different network. So, if EE isn’t working out for you, try Vodafone, O2, or Three. Remember that BT Mobile, Plusnet, Virgin, and Asda mobile all piggyback off EE, so they won’t be any better.

Talk to the team at Mobile Repeater UK if you want to find out more about mobile signal booster kits.

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