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Mobile phones have never been as popular as they are today. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone, with a huge percentage of these users now opting to use it as their main phone line, with landlines quietly becoming a thing of the past. 

This covers a wide spectrum of users, from everyday mobile users to the self-employed to commercial operations both small and large. Simply put, almost everyone needs a mobile phone line, whether for work or pleasure. 

This has given rise to range of products known as mobile phone signal boosters.  

What is a Mobile Phone Signal Booster? 

A mobile phone signal booster, as the name suggests, boosts the signal for a mobile phone. This is very useful as many people suffer from a poor signal on their phones, making calling, texting, and using internet very difficult.

It consists of an external antenna, internal antenna, signal amplifier and cables to connect each component together. The external antenna picks up a mobile signal across the desired frequency and transfers it to the amplifier, this then boosts the signal quality and transmits through the internal antenna so the phone picks up an improved signal.   

Why Use a Mobile Phone Signal Booster? 

Anyone that has dealt with a poor mobile phone signal knows how annoying it is. Dropping calls, missing calls, and generally poor-quality calls and internet connections make mobile phones very frustrating to use. 

So, by using a mobile phone signal booster you can easily avoid these issues. Whether you live in an area that struggles to get a signal, operate a home office that requires a good mobile signal for work, or have workplace that needs a better signal, a mobile booster makes poor signals a thing of the past.  

HiBoost Mobile Phone Signal Boosters  

HiBoost are a mobile signal booster manufacturer selling a variety of products. From a standard mobile phone signal booster to specialised 4G signal boosters, they have products suitable for both homes and offices that suffer from poor mobile phone signal receptions.

Their products have gained a positive reputation for their simple yet effective function, providing enhanced signals to homes and offices that need it. Whether you need a 4G booster, 3G booster, home signal booster or work signal booster, HiBoost has plenty of options to suit all requirements. 

HiBoost Signal Booster Frequency Options  

One of the best aspects of HiBoost signal boosters is they cover all major UK mobile networks. Mobile phone signals operate on different frequencies depending on the network provider, so if you want to use a booster device it needs to be compatible with your current network.

In the UK, mobile networks currently operate on 2 GSM bands, 2 UMTS bands, and 4 LTE bands. These different bands cover call signals, and the three mobile data signals 2G, 3G, and 4G, and are used by all major UK mobile phone networks.  

Some networks only use a few of these frequencies, such as 3 which only uses three bands (one UMTS and two GSM). Others, such as Vodafone, operate on all eight frequencies, while O2 use six, and EE use five. 

Because of these different frequency bands mobile users need to ensure they buy a compatible mobile booster, otherwise it may not work. Thankfully, all HiBoost signal boosters are compatible with every major UK mobile network provider, boosting signals across all GSM, UMTS, and LTE bands.  

Additionally, Hiboost has a range of multi-frequency signal boosters to suit specific requirements. For instance, if you need voice and 3G/4G signal boosting on your mobile, then a dual or tri-brand booster from Hiboost will boost all required signals. 

Those needing just voice boosting for better mobile calls will find HiBoost’s single-band booster devices like the F13-EGSM an affordable option worth investing in. Conversely, if you need calls and 3G and 4G signal boosted, then a tri-band model such as the Hi23- EDW provides the perfect solution.  

In fact, HiBoost is one of the few companies to offer quint-band mobile boosters, with the impressive HiBoost Hi23-5S covering all call and mobile data frequencies for an all-in-one solution. This is especially useful for businesses with various mobile phone networks operating on different frequencies – it is basically a commercial signal booster device.

HiBoost Coverage  

Another great aspect of HiBoost signal booster devices is the great coverage they offer. The larger the area you live or work in, the more coverage the mobile phone signal booster needs to offer.  

HiBoost has devices with various coverage options. For example, a flat, small house, or home office should be fine with a smaller coverage of around 500sqm. The HiBoost F13-3G, F13-Ed, and F13-EGSM offer these coverages.  

For large homes, offices, and workplaces you require much more coverage from the mobile phone signal booster. HiBoost has an impressive range of large coverage options too, including up to 1000smq, 2500sqm, and even 3000sqm.  

Installing a HiBoost Mobile Phone Signal Booster  

Each HiBoost phone signal booster package includes everything you need to set up the device, including internal and external antenna, an amplifier, cables for connecting everything, and mountings and brackets.  

Installation couldn’t be easier either – regardless of the device you buy it’s the same installation process.  

This involves mounting the external antenna to a wall outside your home or workplace, an internal antenna and amplifier that sends the improve signal to the desired location, all of which are connected using the cables in the kit. 

Most devices also come with an LED screen for easier installation and maintenance, while there is even a compatible mobile application that allows for greater control over the signal booster and detailed information about its performance.  


HiBoost has some of the best mobile phone signal booster devices available today. Covering all major UK network frequencies, its easy to find a device that boosts the signal for your mobile phone, whether you need to improve calls, mobile internet, or both.   

With the right device, expect the signal bar on your mobile phone to easily hit 5 regardless of how poor the previous signal was – they are that good. You also get a nice selection of coverage and band options, making it easy to find a device the works within your requirements and budget. 

Installation is also very easy, rounding off what is a great range of mobile signal booster devices.  

Contact Mobile Repeater UK now and one of our team members will help you pick the correct HiBoost signal booster to fit your needs.

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