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Mobile Signal Booster – Hotels, Office Blocks, Hospitals

We design solutions for hotels, office blocks, large residences, hospitals, Shopping complexes, and underground facilities. Every solution is tailored to your needs and projects can be completed in one or more stages. Our solutions are compatible with all Mobile Network operators in the world including Voice, 3G and 4G High Speed Data.

BUY A SURVEYA engineer will be in touch within 24 hours to agree a day and time to visit and the report will be within 48 hours of that. The survey covers most commercial and large homes but larger buildings over 8 floors or areas like campuses may incur additional charges that would be discussed in advance.

Contact us below and our Engineers will design a RF solution to suit you. We can provide a FREE estimate from plans, a full survey & report available for a refundable fee.

Our mobile repeater systems are used in a wide varity of area’s such as NHS, MOD, City Councils, Police force, UK government agencies, residential properties and hotels. We offer a variety of solutions for everyone needs. 

We have been offering full mobile signal solutions in this business for twelve years now. We have developed a solution that works with the very least amount of signal, bringing you 3-5 bars increased around your property. Keep in mind repeaters are made for open area. Once you take into consideration the elements of your property, meaning structure , walls, rooms, floors and internal installation of the building/home. Which our solutions are based off, a 2-3 bedroom you’d need a Mini, for a 4-5(maybe 6) over 2 levels you’d need a GSM Pro. For a offices and large homes we recommend a building solution.

Our corporate solutions are all CE certified and have full reports completed before after installation to ensure they comply with all best practice guidelines for mobile repeater installs. These solutions allow you to cover 2,3,4,5 (etc) level building, giving you the flexibility to provide signal in area’s you would have never been able to have signal before. 

The main booster will be central within the home/office, its powered by the mains and from there  DAS (Distribution antenna system) is in place to send signal to all areas similar to a wifi system just made up of specialist RF equipment.

If you have low signal, half of bar to a bar you’d want to upgrade your external antenna to a MR Yagi as it’s a high gain aerial. Used in area’s that are in a dip or black spot.

At mobile repeater we suggest a site survey being the building is large and could support 150-300 users. The cost of the site survey is £412 plus vat and is 100% refundable upon moving forward with the project. Please send the plans over when you get a moment. 

Mobile Repeater/Full Mobile Signal engineering staff will carry out the services below. 

• Determine Network Carriers and locate distance and degree of masts
• External aerial accessibility
• Total floors and Area per floor in square meters
• Specific areas to cover or whole building
• Signal level inside/outside db
• Construction material of internal partition walls and exterior walls
• Ceiling type (plaster or suspended ceiling)
• Roof access to run cabling from external aerials to repeaters
• Riser access between floors
• Adequate space above ceiling to run cables and mount directional couplers and splitters
• Any issues with building layout or construction that would impede cable runs or signal
• Is any remedial work required prior to and after the installation.
• Travel and miscellaneous expenses
• System configuration layout drawing and connection diagram

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I look forward to working with you on this project.

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