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Mobile phones are an integral part of modern life. Most of us can’t do without a mobile phone these days as they have become a huge part of modern society. Whereas we once used them only to make calls, these days, we use a mobile phone to send messages, stream movies, play games, chat on social media, and do our online banking. Whilst we often make use of Wi-Fi when at home or in public places, network coverage is essential for calls. 3G and 4G are also handy when there is no Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, none of the big four mobile network providers offer 100% coverage in the UK.

If you are one of the very many unlucky individuals who has to live with a patchy mobile signal at home or work, a mobile phone signal repeater is a useful piece of technology. Mobile signal booster devices plug the gap between a network’s signal and what you actually need to send text messages or make calls.

Top UK Network Providers

Chances are, you use O2, EE, Three or Vodafone. And if you use one of the smaller operators, such as Tesco Mobile or Virgin Mobile, then your provider piggybacks on one of the Big Four. All of the big providers do their best (allegedly) to provide full coverage across the UK. They invest millions in network infrastructure and new mobile signal antennas are being installed every year.

But this isn’t always enough to ensure your device has full coverage at home or work. You probably enjoy a pretty good mobile phone signal when you are outdoors unless you make a habit of hiking in the Cairngorms every weekend. Mobile signal is generally strong outdoors in urban areas, and it’s also good along major transportation routes, such as motorways. This is all thanks to the tall towers stacked with dishes you have probably noticed on roofs and near roads.

Poor Network Coverage

Problems tend to arise when you take your mobile phone indoors. In many buildings, especially in areas where mobile signal strength is patchy already, signal drops off a cliff when the user goes inside. All kinds of things can cause interference, including other technology, thick walls, and large solid objects. This is where a mobile booster can come in rather handy.

Until last year, mobile signal booster devices were banned. It was thought that they interfered with other transmitters, but Ofcom has since ruled they can be used if bought from licenced mobile phone signal booster suppliers like us. So, if you are having a signal issue, a phone booster is guaranteed to make life better.

Mobile Booster Devices

We have phone signal booster kits for all UK networks. Pick up a 3G or 4G booster to raise your signal from one bar to four or five. A mobile signal booster is perfect if you have weak coverage, but it won’t work if you have zero coverage. If you have no coverage, you should try switching to a different network.

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