Mobile Repeater Instructions and Support

Please follow the Mobile Repeater instructions attached and below to the letter.

First – Make sure your handset is set to 2G only as this means we will be working on voice and not have any conflicting 3G signals.

Please see link below to locate your nearest base station. This is will help identify where the signal comes from, you can also walk around the house and see which side has the strongest signal levels using software below or the bars on the handset as this is usually the easiest to do.

Point your outdoor antenna in the general direction of the best signal, make sure it is pointing outwards and not down or to the sky please check the results and amend as necessary, usually by rotating by 45 degrees to check results (try and ensure repeater is off whilst you change outdoor aerial direction especially in built up areas) 

Mobile Repeater for Android

If you have android phone you can download application from play market which will allow you to measure signal strength. Try to find steady signal on your phone and make sure it is not fluctuating up and down after your installation.

It gives a visual display thats easy use, green areas are good signal levels

Mobile Repeater for Apple iPhone

In phone mode dial *3001#12345#* then press CALL.

The signal bars will now display the signal in a dB reading.  -50 is full signal, -120 is no signal. (in top left corner where your network provider icon is)

Get the Best Signal with a Mobile Repeater

Find a spot on the roof that gives you a consistent quality signal and then mount your antenna there.  For best results have one person check the signal with their phone in the building while you move the outside aerial around.

Mobile Repeater Instructions

Signal Boosting Basics: Just be sure of these

a) Connectors are tight and not loose or damaged
b) Outdoor aerial connected to the BTS port on repeater
c) Repeater is showing lights and power
d) Outdoor aerial and repeater are separated by 10m or a solid wall.
e) No loops/kinks on cable

The signal repeaters are excellent and really do work, just sometime it may take a short while to get set up right, but once its in place your done for a long time and you can make calls again..

If for any reason you are struggling to make your booster work please fill in the survey below, it will help me to identify the issue and perhaps get you up and running fast today, please be sure to send the pictures of your setup mainly your outdoor antenna (take on your phone if easy) and I will be in touch to go through with you.

If I can identify what is wrong I have the option to give you stronger outdoor aerial or upgrades at reduced rates.

We will be more than happy to assist you should you have any queries.

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