Survey Report on Mobile Signal

Mobile signal solutions have a team of engineers for professional installation for larger buildings. Usually Hotels offices and commercial buildings within the UK.

Survey Would Include

Total floors and Area per floor in square meters:

  • Specific priority areas identified
  • Signal level inside/outside db
  • Construction material of internal partition walls and exterior walls
  • Ceiling type (plaster or suspended ceiling) to be identified
  • Roof access to run cabling from external aerials to repeaters
  • Riser access between floors
  • Ensure adequate space above ceiling to run cables and mount directional couplers and splitters
  • Identify any issues with building layout or construction that would impede cable runs or signal spread.
  • Identify any remedial work required prior to and after the installation.
  • Travel and miscellaneous expenses
  • System configuration layout drawing and connection diagram.

The process:

  1. Send in plans of the buildings to

    FAO Installation Engineers

  2. Project manager will send a estimate of costs and bill of materials
  3. Survey of the buildings
  4. Full report and schematic
  5. Installation and guaranteed results

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